About Motorcycledrawing.com

Hi! I am Tom Winter, creator of motorcycledrawing.com. As a 28-year-old designer and marketer, I have always had a deep-rooted passion for both drawing and motorcycles. From a young age, I have been surrounded by motorcycles and have always been fascinated by them. My love for drawing began at a young age as well and has always been a big part of my life.

The inspiration for motorcycledrawing.com came to me when I realized that for many people, their motorcycle is more than just a way of transportation and holds special memories and sentimental value. It all began when I received my father's old 1978 Honda CB 400N as a gift after getting my driver's license. After a while it started to show some malfunctions and my dad told me to just sell it and buy a new one, which was not an option for me because it holds so much sentimental value because it was my first motorcycle and a gift from my dad. 

While i was decorating my office space, I wanted to have an illustration of a motorcycle on the wall. But as i searched the internet for a suitable bike to draw I came up with the idea to make an illustration of my first bike, which held a much deeper meaning to me than any other regular bike on the internet. As I worked on the drawing, I realized that this applies to many motorcyclists. People who have spent time on their motorcycles, going places, adjusting things, and making it their own, would also like to have an illustration of that exact bike that they're proud of.

With this in mind I decided to open up a shop on Etsy and start selling custom made drawings of motorcycles. I have been busy doing so ever since and it has been an amazing experience for me as I am able to combine my two biggest passions into one. I am thrilled to be able to share my love for motorcycles and drawing with others and help them to remember and cherish special moments in their lives.